The violent Roland

In the 9 December 2015 take place premiere of my performance Violet Roland in the Library of Sassnitz. I write this Performance especially for schoolchildren. The young artists were great, and the public liked the performance.

Reading in Hamburg 2015

In the 19 December 2015 took place the concert and the reading the stories of my book Schneemans Nase in the Central Library of Hamburg. The young violinist from Hamburger school KMK concertized there.

Schneemanns Nase

In the March 2015 to Leipzig International Book Fair, was published my children-book Schneemanns Nase in German language. The book was published by BS-Verlag in Rostock. ISBN: 978-3-86785-324-8

It was published literary almanac Jasmunder Heimatheft for 2013 in Germany

There was printed the first chapter of novel Sword-fish and Thousend Eels in reducing. ISBN: 978-3-939680-18-5

Isak and the secrets of Amaras

Currently I am working on the sequel of the story about the boy Isak. The working title is “Isak and the secrets of Amaras.

Translation of the novel “Isak and the old Castel” into Armenian language

The translation of the novel “Isak and the old Castel” into Armenian language was published in Yerevan in April 2011. The Presentation of the book took place in the National Children's library Khnko-Apera.