about me

Marina Loose was born in the USSR, Baku, in an Armenian family. Her first poems she began to write in school. After graduating from the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​she married, there were two daughters and the family moved to Germany. Long time, she worked as an interpreter of the Head of Ferry complex Mukran on the island of Rügen and interpreted for varios high-ranking delegation from Russia and the Baltic states. Your article about the port and maritime stories published in German, Russian and Lithuanian press. Her first book, “Isak and the Old Castle” gave it as a gift to the schools and libraries of Armenia and Karabakh.

“I love it to be amongst nature.

I love it to meet interesting peoples.

I love it to write books. Unlike in my fist and second whims, in the third whims is everything otherwise. I seclude myself, unseeing nothing around me and listen only to my own voice.” Marina Loose.